The Library study rooms are currently unavailable for student booking. The rooms are very small and have no ventilation so are not suitable for use during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Bookable spaces are available in the Learning Centre. These spaces are managed by the Student Union.


Under normal circumstances the following details apply to the Level 9 Group rooms within RGU Library:


Students may book a room in the library for group work using our online booking system.

There are two rooms to choose from. Both rooms are on the ninth floor of the library.

To book some group study time in one of the rooms, please follow these steps:

  • Pick your room from the options below - click the information symbol to get info about each room
  • Look for a free time slot
  • Click to select (you can click more than one slot)
  • Complete the booking form using your RGU email address.

Please note you can book up to 2 hours each day and bookings can only be made up to 3 weeks in advance. To ensure all students have the opportunity to access this study space, groups should not make consecutive bookings.